Restaurant for anniversary

In everyone’s life there are dates that are celebrated especially magnificently and bright. Anniversary is the date that worth celebrating with dignity. This can be done in two ways: organize your own celebration or book a cozy and comfortable banquet room in the restaurant. In the modern world today the time is the most valuable. And to organize celebration of the anniversary by yourself you will have to spend a lot of energy and precious time. Therefore, booking the restaurant for the anniversary celebration- it is an ideal option.

If you have planned a celebration of the anniversary – the restaurant “Russkoe Podvorie” is the best place you can find. The restaurant has five banquet rooms, which have a unique design and configuration, as well as a summer terrace. Each of our rooms and also the patio in the warm season, you can book for the day when you plan to celebrate the anniversary. It does not matter if it is the anniversary of the company, or a birthday party, on this day we want you to relax and enjoy the celebration.

You can safely rely on our experience and not worry about the dishes and beverages. We can please you with an abundance and variety of Russian and European cuisine. All dishes served at the banquet are prepared from natural, fresh and organic products.

The restaurant room that you choose we can decorate for anniversaries strictly according to your wishes and if necessary we can invite specialists in floristics and design.

Restaurant “Russkoe Podvorie” – is a wonderful place with the liberated atmosphere where you and your guests will be served by the team of professionals, where the kitchen will delight any gourmet.


Ceremonial hall

Каминный зал

Fireplace room

Особый зал

Special room

Песенный зал

Karaoke room






Private room