Restaurant for a date

Romantic dinner – a special event for two people. The first date or a wedding anniversary – dinner at the restaurant will always be for both men and women one of the most favorite meeting. Planned in advance romantic evening will be a wonderful moment to be in a romantic mood. When choosing a restaurant for a date or other important event you want to make it special. “Russkoe Podvorie” – is one of the most romantic restaurants in the capital, which will be nice for couples in love, because we have incredibly cozy warm atmosphere.

You can safely entrust us with carrying out different types of celebrations, including a romantic evening. We know that this exciting event must meet all – location and cozy tables, plenty of space and high-quality and tasteful decoration of the table, including even tablecloths, napkins, cutlery. In our restaurant there is no need to worry and just be sure that romantic evening would not be ruined because of some unexpected little detail.

The menu is well thought through and created by our chef. Undoubtedly, it is the perfect addition to your romantic evening, because it is impossible to remain indifferent to the exquisite dishes, which are presented in the menu. Cocktail menu with democratic prices will please our guests.

On Fridays guests of our restaurant can spend the evening enjoying live music performed by our musicians under accompaniment various musical instruments. Fiery songs of Russian singers, jazz songs of foreign singers from 80s up to the present time it’s all our musical repertoire. “Russkoe Podvorie” – is the best place to tell your loved one the most important words that for sure change your life.


Ceremonial hall

Каминный зал

Fireplace room

Особый зал

Special room

Песенный зал

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