Private room


Room “Private” with the total size 46 sq.m. and an additional room – office of 15 sq.m.

Room is stylish, spacious and multifunctional, with light colors.

The lounge has 2 entrances, includin, separate from the inner courtyard. Can fit up to 25 guests.

Universal interior easily and quickly transformed upon request of our guests. The room equipped with excellent ventilation,  modern sound and light systems.

In the”private” room is pleasant to spend evenings with the family, gatherings with friends to see movies or live sports on the big screen.

Professional equipment will create a unique atmosphere of the movie theatre with full immersion in your favorite movies.

In a cozy atmosphere you can relax and spend time comfortably without strangers.

We invite you to celebrate a birthday, to make party with friends or to arrange a closed presentation.

At your request our specialists will take photographs and make a movie for pleasant memories.

Always at your service animators and events organizer.

Corporate guests can comfortably stay in the hall, participating in seminars, trainings, and quests with colleagues and partners.

The private room is suitable for all kinds of rehearsals, seminars and corporate events.

It has everything you need for individual dancing lessons, yoga, martial arts and other practices – equipment, shower, dressing room and toilet.

We have schedule for master classes by Chef Anton Lutsenko and pastry chef Aunt Lena.

At the workshops children and adults learning to make delicious meals and drinks.

To book private room, please call: +7 (495) 229 21 93

We are located on Simferopolskiy Boulevard. It’s possible to get to our restaurant by car or from the Metro Kakhovskaya, Sevastoposkaya and Varshavskaya.