Gift certificate Restaurant “Russkoe Podvorie”

Perfect gift for friends, family and business partners!
Surprise your friends with your attention!
The value of the gift certificate can be different and fit for any type of restaurant services.
The happy certificate holder will have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious dinner, to have unforgettable moments in our karaoke or to feel homely atmosphere when watching movies or sport broadcasts, and perhaps he wishes to purchase author homemade products by the chef Anton Lutsenko
Terms and conditions:
– Cost of the certificate is equal of its value;
– Certificate value corresponds to the equivalent amount in rubles;
– Any restaurant services, including our own production or delivery meals at the house and to the office (delivery possibilities in different areas of Moscow specify at the restaurant managers) can be paid by the Certificate;
– In case value of the gift certificate is less than the cost of services or products of the restaurant, the holder shall pays the difference;
– Certificate nominal value can spend as one time payment or gradually in a few times at the restaurant;
– In case the holder use the Certificate in one time payment and it’s less than the nominal value of the Certificate, the difference shall not be paid to the holder;
– The certificate is issued to the holder, thus it can be used by any person;
– The certificate can not be returned or exchanged for cash;
– Discounts do not apply when using Certificate;
– Mandatory condition for the issuing of a certificate is completed application form with information about the guest (name, contact numbers and email). Information about guest is contained in the book of the issuance of discount cards and certificates of the restaurant “Russkoe Podvorie” and shall not be intended to third parties;
– The certificate is not valid without a series of numbers and relevant information in the book of the issuance of discount cards and certificates;
– Damaged gift certificates, the authenticity of which raise doubts of the restaurant administration shall not be accepted;
– Services shall be provided sending the gift certificate to the manager of the restaurant;
– The certificate can not be restored in case of damage, loss or stealing;
– The certificate is valid for 6 months from the date of issue.
To purchase the certificate, please ask the waiter or the manager of the room.