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Moscow, Simferopolsky Boulevard, 16, building 1

m. Kakhovskaya
/ m. Sevastopolskaya
/ m. Varshavskaya)

Opening hours:
12:00 A.M.–12:00 P.M.

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The Restaurant

“Russian Podvorye” is a restaurant designed in the true Russian style, with original Russian cuisine, reflecting the Slavic traditions of our country. Generosity, hospitality, delicious food, and a cozy atmosphere give a good impression of the time spent.

Capricious clients, though extravagant and sophisticated, can be found anywhere, but in “Russian Podvorye” restaurant. Here everyone will find a “corner of happiness” for themselves, because our relaxing establishment is aimed at fulfilling desires in the traditions of national cuisine. The varied and balanced menu is carefully thought out, prepared and cooked by the best chefs.


Moscow cuisine represents a huge part of the culture of our great city. Traditional dish recipes which have been passed down from earlier generations reflect on personality of the people in Russia.

However, modern Moscow cuisine preserves the traditions of Russian cuisine, but also integrates elements of other regional and world culinary traditions.

Moscow culinary traditions are famous for extravagant, self-indulgent, and luxurious dishes. Gastronomic specialties involve unique products that can only be tasted in our restaurant and nowhere else. These are our traditional dishes, which are prepared according to certain recipes. For example, Murmansk fish, Far Eastern crab, sweet aroma porridges, delicious salted mushrooms, salted and smoked lard, and so on.

Our restaurant offers a variety of “metropolitan” specialties that will help our Foreign guests get acquainted with authentic Moscow cuisine.

Our halls

An unique place​

“Russian Podvorye” is a unique place in the south-west of Moscow, where you can enjoy dishes made up of recipes from many generations and family traditions.



Like home

We have combined comfort, safety, love and respect for history so that you can feel the taste and warmth of your native hearth.



We are a family restaurant

We know that an ideal kitchen is born out of love, childhood, from your home, your family and your Homeland.​ We carefully preserve this heritage and create a space for spiritual relaxation for the guests of the “Russian Podvorye”!



There's plenty of room

There are six banquet halls with a capacity of 6 to 50 guests for family dinners and celebrations — from quiet and intimate to fun and quite large-scale.



Russian feast

This is fun, communication and, of course, festive dishes. Our rich menu has absorbed the best dishes and drinks of all the peoples who inhabited our vast Russia and collected from different parts of our vast homeland.




We believe that continuous improvement and respect for traditions are the key to a long and healthy life, and we are ready to offer you a unique experience that will remain in your memory for many years to come.



Seasonal menu

The seasonal menu includes dishes popular with the Russian nobility and intelligentsia over the past two centuries

A dish of Russian cuisine
A dish of Russian cuisine
A dish of Russian cuisine
A dish of Russian cuisine
A dish of Russian cuisine
A dish of Russian cuisine
A dish of Russian cuisine
A dish of Russian cuisine
A dish of Russian cuisine
A dish of Russian cuisine
A dish of Russian cuisine
A dish of Russian cuisine

The chef

It is important for me to encourage guests to think about what they are eating; I like it when they enjoy food, feel the full palette of taste of each dish. I explore traditional combinations and experiment with them, bring variety and play on the receptors, while preserving the taste of the products.



Moscow, Simferopolsky Boulevard, 16, building 1
Metro Kakhovskaya / Metro Sevastopolskaya / Metro Varshavskaya
Opening hours: 12:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.
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Banquets and celebratory events in the Russian Podvorye

We have 6 halls which easily accommodate parties 5 to 50 guests. There are 6 isolated rooms of your choice.

“All set banquet” — When all you will have to do is seat your guests

Availability of free parking — 10 meters from the restaurant (easily fits a couple of tour busses)